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What is garden mean for You? As per us, it is an extension of the house, a large room in the open air, which should be functionally thought out in detail, convenient to use and safe for all residents and guests of the house. It should be aesthetic even in the farthest corners.
Landscapes, which are made by our team are very concise and harmonious. There you will feel yourself like at home – comfortable, cosy and protected. You will relax and refill your energy in this place.
During the process of creating a garden we always ask our customers – which feelings they want to get from future landscape and what functionality the garden should perform? All the rest we take on ourselves. Each landscape project designed and implemented by us we can justify to the smallest details – why we did it in this way but not otherwise. We create practical and logical gardens where everything is thought out, clear and where every process is coherent. We have been dealing with landscapes since 2007 and we understand how Your future garden will live and function.

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The development of landscape design takes from 3 till 5 months, it depends on the area of the land and the complexity of the design decisions. Small areas (e.g. a few acres) we can design in 3 weeks or 1 month, considering the agreement with customer.

Implementation of landscape design also depends on the area and complexity of the project. If the project was developed before the beginning of the season, and the site was ready for landscaping and gardening work (there are finished construction works on the house), then usually enough for one season to fully implement the project. It often happens that the work divided into two years – the first year – is general construction and engineering work, planting large trees. These works are usually carried out simultaneously with the completion of construction work on the house. And the next year the finishing work on the landscape – the device flowers and lawns, laying tiles, installation of small forms, decorating the site.

If we’re talking about the online format, there are no boundaries for developing a landscape project. We are ready to undertake a project anywhere in the world, taking into account the climatic conditions and the range of plants that grow there.

Regarding project implementation – we are ready to offer you work in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg and their adjacent regions), the Baltics, Western Europe (France, Switzerland). Other countries and regions to be agreed on individually.

The best option to think about the landscape directly to the choice of site for the construction of a country house. Therefore, we recommend choosing the site at once with the architect and landscape architect. In this case it will be possible to realize all the wishes – competently place the house on the plot taking into account the lightness and relief, functionally design the area for all needs. And also it is very important, even at the stage of site selection, to assess the financial investment in the solution of various possible future problems – usually unsuitable ground, drainage problems, difficult terrain, overwatered or shaded areas. We provide private consultation in the selection of the site, and are ready to help you with your choice.

Now the garden is a complex self-contained object, where the design stage of the house is recommended to work out all the engineering systems such as – automatic irrigation system, multifunctional lighting of the plot, fogging and acoustic systems. This will allow already at the stage of home design to take into account all these sections, distribute power, to provide technological zones for placement of necessary equipment, as well as to calculate the budget for the realization of the garden of your dreams.

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